Forgotten God (2023)

This was an environment design I did recently as a personal project. Based on a piece I did a couple years ago, I wanted to give it another try and actually approach it in a way where I was actually fleshing out this place as thinking about what it is and how it feels.
Couldn’t decide if I wanted a dark, slightly threatening mood or a more serene and hopeful mood. So I tried out both.
This used to be a place of worship, a shrine of sorts. It was dedicated to a God that represented Nature, so there was not much architecture to begin with, so that the entire place was out in the open and the pilgrims could embrace Nature while still inside the “Shrine”. The only man-made structures are the huge statue of the Deity and gateways to mark the boundaries and properly decorate the site.
Due to an event or maybe just the passage of time, the temple was forgotten entirely by Civilisation.
Though abandonned by people, there’s an inexplicable feeling that something, or someone is still present here.

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